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Our Approach

Distribution Planning

Retirement is a new life stage bringing new financial needs. Once you receive the last paycheck that you’ll get for the rest of your life, you move from accumulating and saving assets to preserving and distributing them.

Working to not only protect the assets you’ve worked hard for — but to also have a plan for not outliving your retirement income — is essential. At Absolute Return Solutions, we can design your personalized distribution plan that addresses your specific retirement goals. And since no two plans are ever the same, you have a unique road map guiding you through your retirement years.

By understanding who you are and what goals matter to you, we’re able to show a clear picture of your current assets and how much money you can take. With this insight, you’re better able to live and support the retirement of your dreams.

Your personalized distribution plan will answer the following questions:

Your QuestionWhat You Recieve
What are my income sources?Income Sources Analysis
A detailed listing of all income sources you own, such as pension, social security, rental properties, dividends/interest, employment, etc.
How will my assets produce income?Itemized Assets List
A compiled list that maps out how all your assets will produce your annual income
What type of assets do I own, by annual income?Categorized Assets
A compiled list that categorize the timeframe by which your assets will produce annual income: immediate income, income in 5 years, or long term for growth and inflation protection
How can I maximize my Social Security benefits?Social Security Strategy
An analysis showing how you can optimize taking Social Security payments to help maximize your benefits over time
How will a pension play a role in my income?Pension Maximization Options
An analysis that identifies if/when survivor benefits are a good strategy for your unique goals
Does a Roth Conversion make sense for my goals?Roth Conversion Analysis
An analysis of whether your traditional IRA account could serve as a dependable, tax-appropriate income strategy for you
How much money can I take from my accounts?Income Analysis
Detailed findings that show how much money you can draw from your accounts to create lifetime retirement income
How much should I invest in stocks?Stock Market Analysis
An analysis on how much money you should invest in the stock market.

Comprehensive Planning

Absolute Return Solutions will create your comprehensive financial plan by tailoring it precisely to your preferred retirement lifestyle. We’ll identify the specific investment goals, financial needs, and tax strategies that will help you pursue your desired future while also working to:

  • Create and grow your wealth
  • Accumulate, preserve, and protect your assets
  • Distribute your wealth during your life and at death in the most tax-advantaged way possible

The Approach We Take

At Absolute Return Solutions, we not only create your financial plan around the goals that matter to you, but also around various factors that could affect your ability to reach them.

Your financial plan will include custom strategies designed to reduce risk and increase income.

  • Stock Market Risk: We believe that investing in the stock market should be for the long term. Yet, we also understand that our clients desire to minimize volatility in retirement, so we help you navigate stock market risk along the way.
  • Interest Rate Risk and Credit Risk: The stock market isn’t the only risk to manage. Investors must also address risk that comes from rising interest rates and cities and counties defaulting on debt (i.e. Detroit). We’ll help you keep ahead of these details, so you proactively and effectively minimize risks.
  • Taxes: Nearly every retiree will experience rising taxes at one point in their life. We follow a comprehensive tax-minimization strategy designed to help reduce the taxes you pay on income, such as required minimum distribution taxes and estate taxes.
  • Liability Risk: No one wants to see their assets eroded due to liabilities. Our distribution planning strategies help you guard a portion of your assets against lawsuits and claims against your estate.
  • Healthcare Risk: Without proper coverage, healthcare costs can eat away your money in your later life stages, even if you diligently saved. We help you avoid healthcare risks by incorporating the options best suited to your goals.

Synchronized Support

We work closely with your other professionals and your family to synchronize our strategies with the trusted voices in your life. Together, we’ll help you address questions such as:

  • Does my will communicate my wishes correctly?
  • Is my trust updated to reflect changes in tax laws?
  • Am I comfortable with my beneficiary designations? Will some family members need extra help and support?
  • How would a dynasty trust benefit my family and future generations?